Thursday, July 28, 2022

Alexa Joke Fail

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As you can see, this comic was not drawn at the same time as the previous one because my Alexa design is a bit different. Oh well, stylistic choice and all that. I don't know the answer to this joke because I couldn't get it from her - so now you all have the same unanswered question as me! I feel like the answer could be something about a chicken. 

Explanation: The Amazon Echo Show has a screen that cycles through many topics, but one of them is jokes and she has some very lame but a few rather good ones. She'll show you what to say (literally what I put in the comic is what she had prompted me to say) and then she usually has the prefect answer to what you've asked since she wanted to show you anyways hence her prompt. 

L: Alexa, why did the egg cross the road?
A: Sorry, I don't know that.
L: Why did you prompt me to ask you, then???

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