Sunday, July 3, 2022

Political Band Dissolvement

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Happy Independence Day Eve! Last year we were reading the Constitution and I noticed the phrase about dissolving political bands and this comic came into being. Did I look up the Founding Fathers and draw their hairstyles slightly correctly? Perhaps. I had something else to say about the Founding Fathers.... OH so I was at my in-laws and the topic of road trip playlists came up and I decided one car (our family was all going up to New Hampshire for a week together and there are several carloads going) needs to play Hamilton on repeat, but it's the Muppets Hamilton. Does such a thing exist? I feel like it could. All of the cast is Muppets except Alexander Hamilton is still played by Lin-Manuel

G. Washington: Dissolve these political bands!
FEDeralists: *silent*
DEM-REPS: *silent*

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