Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Grievous Mistake

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When titling this one, I realized I misspelled the character's name as "Grevious" but I caught it before publishing but now you all know anyways. It's a hard word. The mistake in question was discovered when I was making waffle batter (WHOOPS I need to make more batter tonight so we have waffles in the morning) and I noticed that the buttermilk I had bought was low-fat instead of regular (I didn't even know they made low-fat buttermilk - it's milk with butter in it, there's lots of fat). BUT in the end it was ok because the waffles were rather tasty. I was worried they'd be too thin but they were not. Probably won't go looking for this in the future, but if it's the only option available I now know that it's viable.

Explanation: In Star Wars, there is a Sith character named General Grievous who is not actually a Sith but a follower of them due to his hatred of the Jedi. He has four arms and uses a lightsaber in each hand, making him a very difficult opponent to battle. The pun is that "a grievous mistake" is a really bad mistake, and there's a character named Grievous in Star Wars who uses four lightsabers.

L: I made a mistake.
M: How bad is it?
L: Four lightsabers.
M: ... what?!
L: It's a Grievous mistake. 

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