Thursday, September 22, 2022

Surrender to Sleep

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So apparently "giving no quarter" is forbidden under international humanitarian law, but I feel like toddlers disregard international (or just basic) humanitarian law. Giving no quarter originally meant that you were not going to house (quarter) any prisoners i.e. means you're going to kill all of your opponents. But there's a modern American take on it which just means you're going to treat someone unkindly and I feel that's the more appropriate meaning for this comic. 

We often request our little one to surrender to sleep as she valiantly fights it off. Little one, you will be in SUCH a better mood if you take a little nap. I feel like that's true for adults as well - sleep helps improve your mood when you're getting cranky, no matter your age.

L: Please surrender to sleep.
L2: *I give no quarter!*

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