Thursday, September 8, 2022

Carbonated Protein

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Happy Birthday to my mom! Hope your day does not involve carbonated protein. 
Tuna Soda - the drink of the apocalypse when you have to use what you have to survive, and what you have is a SodaStream and a stockpile of tuna. That's kind of a long slogan, might need to condense it somehow. I'm not sure how much protein (or any nutrients) is in the juices from a can of tuna, so the health of this drink is dubious, much like the taste. Now I'm thinking of dubious food from Breath of the Wild. 
Also, did you know that I have mouseovers on my comics? Sometimes they're funny, like the one today! To activate the mouseover, you put your mouse over the image. 

L: Why are there drained cans of tuna next to the SodaStream?!?
L3: Want a glass of carbonated protein?

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