Tuesday, May 2, 2023

German Shoes

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Happy almost Birthday to my husband! You do so much for us <3

So in German, "spargel" means asparagus and they have some big festivals about it. Apparently it's a big deal. Who am I to judge - I grew up in a town that had a yearly festival (with a parade!) to honor a certain fish swimming through the river. 

Explanation: this is a confusion between "sparkly" and "spargel-y". This comic was spawned after listening to a song I really like off Owl City's latest album "Coco Moon" titled "My Muse" - the singer mentions "the sparkle in your eye" but it sounds like "spargel in your eye." 

L: Why did you get our daughter shoes with asparagus on them? That's rather odd.
M: I thought she wanted spargel-y shoes.

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