Thursday, May 25, 2023

Slow to Speak and Wrath

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So I don't know how else to draw a doctor - that's just how all medical professionals are gonna look in my stick-figure gallery. The verse referenced (ha) here is James 1:19. Also, a reminder that all kids progress on their own schedules which loosely align across the board but it's not a competition or whatever and there is variance across all categories. Also a reminder not to take verses out of context to prove your point - "slow to speak" in context means that you think before you speak rather than just blurting out whatever comes to mind. 

When we took my daughter in for her last checkup, we had some questionnaires to fill out about developmental milestones and they asked about speech, hearing, dexterity, and such but nothing asked about her taste buds and that's probably because toddlers are just weird with food - my girl was dipping her goldfish crackers into the yellow mustard we had for our pretzels and was loving the combo. Is cheesy-mustard a thing? I wouldn't know - I'm lactose intolerant. 

D: Your daughter is slow to speak.
M: Well, that's Biblical!
D: She's not slow to wrath.
M: Well, that's just judgmental.
L: bababa

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