Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Dairy Interactions: Sugar

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True Story - we were at a buffet restaurant and the waitress asked if we would like ice cream because they serve that for you and this happened. I usually ask for clarification when the server doesn't seem to take "non-dairy" seriously or something just seems off. I'm glad I did ask for clarification because sugar-free and dairy-free are very different things and I can't tolerate one of those (or really both because I do like my sugar and usually sugar-free means they're using something as a sugar replacement that is probably bad in its own way). 

My other comics about Dairy Interactions: 1 2 3 sadly I forgot to add the header to this one and I'm not sure it will fit with how much text there is so *shrug*.

W: Would you like ice cream?
L: Do you have dairy-free?
W: Yes, vanilla.
L: ... it's dairy-free?
W: Yes, well it's sugar-free.
L: Yet still from a cow.

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