Thursday, June 22, 2023

Favorite Color Confusion

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So this came up because my husband's work had a lunch which had an unexpected "ice breaker" section and my man really dislikes being put on the spot and also dislikes picking favorites so I think he was able to just avoid the questions but one of the questions was "what's your favorite color" and I thought up this. 

Explanation: "Charcuterie" is a plate of cold meats and cheese, maybe with olives and such, usually used as an appetizer at events. "Chartreuse" is a shade of green named after a green liqueur (for some reason I always think chartreuse is a dark red, it just seems like that should be what it is, but rather it's a bright green so I'm totally wrong with my thinking there). 

A: What is your favorite color?
M: Charcuterie!
A: ... Do you mean chartreuse?
M: Nope!

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