Thursday, July 20, 2023

ABC Book

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 So we have this baby book and it's literally just A B C - no words or numbers to muddle up the message. There is a cartoony animal on each page, but it's not an animal that starts with the letter on said page - they seemed to have been picked at random. We also have a 1 2 3 book, but it actually counts up to 10. But the first three numbers are on the cover, meaning that the first page starts with 4. 

Update: I have made an Instagram page! But I'm still going to posting my comics here. I have changed my template size to be Instagram-friendly, so my new comics will be in the right format and will get posted over there as well as here. This should happen in a few weeks - I would like to finish out my already-created comics here, but I might mix in some Instagram-sized ones to see how they look over there. I'm also switching to using my kids' nicknames instead of real names, so you'll see Robin (gold crown) and Ori (silver crown) now in my comments. 

M: Does he have the ABC book?
L: You mean an alphabet book?
M: No, this one is just three pages. 
O: *holding baby book*

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