Sunday, July 2, 2023


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The first dinosaur is just a generic theropod, and the Allosaurus is a little scrunched up because I didn't size properly when I started drawing him. But I still like how they turned out. What colors were dinosaurs? We have no idea! My interest in dinosaurs started when I was in college and I saw the skeleton of a camel and realized the most distinctive feature of camels, their hump(s), is totally lacking when you just see the skeleton. We could be totally off about so many features! We haven't a clue about fatty deposits, or cartilage features, or spots vs stripes! There are a few that we have more information on, if they are found in solid mud and somehow extracted so the imprint remains. But it's all so fascinating! 

Explanation: An Allosaurus is a type of dinosaur. Some people say "allo" instead of "hello."

B: Why can't you say "hello" like a normal theropod?
A: Because I'm an "allo"saurus! 

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