Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Whiteboard

After review, I think I like using a whiteboard. Pro - making a comic is quicker (don't have to pencil, ink, and erase). Con - no physical record (I like my little sketchbooks full of comics but I never really review or go back to them so....). Another pro - I take a picture of it rather than using my scanner. My scanner has been irritating lately so I'm kinda glad to get it out of the loop.
I still have some inked ones that I'll post but then it's likely that I'll switch totally to whiteboarding. woohoo!
What kind of responsibility comes with getting a whiteboard? I'm glad you asked: ERASE IT WHEN YOU'RE DONE! If you want a permanent message, use a poster. Seriously. I get irritated when I see whiteboards with old messages hardened onto them.

Captain Oblivious: Complement Inventor

It's what the kids say? Can we make this a thing?

Accent Rug

Identity Crisis

It's debatable.