Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Baby Shower

A friend or possibly a friend of a friend mentioned going to a "Pistols or Pearls" party and I was confused until I saw the pictures and it was clearly a baby shower. I just think overly gendered stereotypes are not helpful, so I put a different spin on this one. Who knows what my sister will do for her kiddo - I have a gift ready though! That's one benefit to being home all the weekends - plenty of crochet time (but running low on a few colors of yarn, and I can't go out and get more, but I can order online, but color picking is hard digitally).
Also realized I had a typo, but I caught it before posting so that's good! That is a definite benefit to drawing digitally - I can just open the file and edit rather than needing to fix, scan, crop, etc.

Banner: Pistols or Pearls??
Guest 1: I'm rooting for a marine biologist over a weapons expert.
Guest 2: *confused/concerned*

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