Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dyeing Art

I came up with this one a while ago but now I have time to go through a lot of my backlog since I'm not getting too much new material since I'm not interacting with people. But I did just think up a comic after reading my Bible yesterday, we were in Luke 15 and you'll see that comic when I get around to writing it :)
I like yarn, but I do not normally buy the hand-dyed kind because it's more expensive and I have so much of my own yarn that I should be using up but sometimes there's yarn ON SALE and it's super soft and pretty and I get more. But I have a three-bin shelf and it all fits in there, as a limiter. Well, except the super chunky yarn that's next to it. But it's in a basket so it's all good.

C: Wow, you're the only person I know that colors their own yarn!
Y: Yeah, it's a dyeing art.

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