Sunday, May 24, 2020

Contact-Less Society

Hahaha but seriously, I was putting off going to my optometrist to get my eyes checked and get new contacts and then the Pandemic hit and everything's closed and I am in my last box of contacts and I've just been wearing my glasses most days because I don't care and since I'm staying home, i.e. not wearing a mask, glasses are just easier and I can take them off when I take a nap.
I saw a tip about how to stop your glasses from fogging when you're wearing a mask - make sure the part around the nose is tight so your exhaled air goes down instead of up. Also, you can wash your glasses in the sink with soap and water! I did not know this. They are so sparkly now. Well, they were. They were nice and sparkly for a few hours then they went the way of all glasses and somehow smears started appearing.

M: Why are so many people in here wearing glasses?
L: We've become a contact-less society!

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