Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Security Question 1

Did I just have to reset an account and get rather irritated at the protocols? Maybe. Do I think these questions are a good idea? Yes, when used properly, but sometimes they give too specific or too vague questions and I'm thinking either everyone will know that or there's no way I'll remember what I put for that. I like the free-form ones where you can save the question and answer because then I can put things like favorite coffee mug and answers like I DON'T DRINK COFFEE and who's gonna guess that? Well, I shouldn't use that one.

Prompt 1: Please save a response for additional security. Answers are not case-sensitive. What is your favorite { animal, bird, color, dog breed } ? <Enter response>
Selection: animal
Answer: dog (underlined in red)
Error text: Please enter upper, lower, and numeric characters as part of your response.

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