Sunday, October 18, 2020

Favorite Feature of the New House

No snakes in the house!

True story - I think our snake count at the townhouse was 7 when we left. We were in the house for about six years before they started showing up, then they just kept showing up. Only had one professionally removed by Critter Control - the others we either evicted ourselves or found them post-mortem stuck to sticky traps (eww). At the beginning of the year, I told my Mark that if we found another snake, I was ready to move (he had wanted to move for a while). At the beginning of the Pandemic, we started cleaning out the random corners of the house that just accumulate stuff and we don't frequent and yep, we found another snake. So we listed the house and started our search. And no snakes in the new house!

A: What is your favorite thing about your new house?
B: The complete and utter lack of snakes!
A: ... What?!?!

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