Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Hold Your Horses

Ok (hugging horse)

 Happy Anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law!

I was going to have one person holding more than one horse, but that was not coming together smoothly so I simplified to just one horse. It's also surprising how large horses are but I think I made this one too big, so we're gonna say these are preteens. Or it's a Clydesdale. But the feet aren't right for that, so maybe it's just Ganon's horse from Breath of the Wild (it's the huge one that's rather difficult to ride/tame). 

Where did this phrase originate? Per Wikipedia, "A number of explanations, all unverified, have been offered for the origins of the phrase"

A: Hold your horses!
B: Ok! *Hugging a horse*

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