Sunday, March 21, 2021

Home-made Boba

Bubble Tea is not made with soap

So this one time, someone other than me in my household hand-washed some mugs but didn't fully rinse them. And then said mugs were used when tea was made. And then this comic happened. The bubbles weren't floating out of the mug, as that would be excessive, but they were all around the top of the tea. 

I have tried bubble tea from the mall, properly made, and I didn't like it. The texture grossed me out. My biggest memory of boba was this one time at Kung Fu Tea in Columbia, we had ordered and everything was good so we were leaving and there was a family in front of us also leaving. The mom was holding the kid's drink, he was maybe 4 years old, and she was explaining he could have his drink once they got to the car, which seems like a reasonable parameter. However, the child was not cool with that and was melting down and screaming "I WANT MY BOBA!!!" And now that's what Mark and I think (and usually say) whenever bubble tea is discussed.

M: Why does my tea taste like soap?
L: Home-made bubble tea!

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