Sunday, March 14, 2021

Dry Sound Bar

No sound bars in a dry household

HAPPY PI DAY! I should make a pie. 
My brother-in-law suggested we install a sound bar in our basement, which is where our tv and such are, and something like this conversation happened.
In our previous house, the basement had a dry bar which was totally unused by us since (a) no alcohol and (b) it didn't make sense to bring cups/beverages/etc downstairs just to bring everything back upstairs. We thought about putting a mini-fridge in there but it would still have the issue of bringing stuff up and down and I didn't like throwing away food wrappers in the basement because that would attract mice. But it turned out we didn't have a mouse problem due to the snakes. We eventually tore out the dry bar, put a rug down to cover the uneven flooring (tiled behind the bar, bare concrete under the bar, then carpet in the rest of the room), and used that corner for my home office. It was a much better use of the space. 

N: You should install a sound bar in your entertainment center.
L: No, this is a dry household. 

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