Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Politics vs Astrology


Libertarian vs Aquarius

I think 'libertarian' sounds like an astrological sign, but clearly I'm thinking of libra or something like that. I've never followed astrology but I do think astronomy is cool because SPAAAAAAAAAAACE is so vast and there's so much out there. Also star-gazing is amazing but you can't do it around where I am - too close to cities. But I remember going up to visit my uncle in Maine and us taking the boat out at night to the middle of the lake and just being amazed at the number of stars. Also, we visited Dark Sky Preserves out in California (Joshua Tree) and Utah (Canyonlands) and both places were really awe-inspiring at night (and in the day too, the national parks are really interesting to explore).

A: I'm a libertarian.
B: I'm an aquarius? 

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