Thursday, March 4, 2021

Libertarian vs Librarian


The Dewey Decimal System is like a secret code

March 4th is known as "Do Something Day" since it sounds like "march forth" but in my childhood home it is known as HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD because, well, that's not hard to figure out. 
Another one about libertarians! I have nothing against the political party - their name just lends itself to puns of miscommunication. Maybe I should try to think up some about other political parties. I know the Dewey Decimal System isn't obsolete but it's been sooooo long since I've set foot in a library with the lockdowns and the move to audio books which can be downloaded through the app. And also streaming - don't need to borrow TV series anymore except not all are available in my streams of choice so maybe once things open up again I could check out what they have in stock. I'm pretty sure I learned the DDS back in elementary school, and I can find my way around in a library but that's mainly due to the signs with words rather than looking at the number codes. 

A: I'm a libertarian.
B: So you know the Dewey Decimal System?
A: ... No. 

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