Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sleep and Cry

Sometimes it is cathartic to cry along, but really sometimes you just need to put the baby in her crib and walk away for a bit when she is inconsolable or, as one of my relatives would say, insoluble. It is nice when I can take a nap when the baby is taking a nap, but most of the time I would like to use that little window to work on projects around the house, like cleaning or drawing or any number of things that weigh on my mind as they don't get done. It is nice that she is sleeping well during the night - that makes us so much more well rested. But I am getting accustomed to segmented sleep, it seems, and I did not realize that is a divisive topic (loads of articles asking if it's good or bad). Well, I hope it's good because it's what all the new parents are doing. Can't really get around that when your kid needs food every few hours. 

W: Just remember - sleep when the baby sleeps.
M: Yep, and cry when the baby cries.

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