Sunday, July 11, 2021

Coming Soon


When does this even show up?

Wondering what verse that is? Here it is! Wondering what show this is? It's The Chosen! I watched the first season before our baby arrived and then watched it again with my husband afterwards. We are now watching the second season and I like it a lot! I should write a full review on my other blog since that's where I put my movie reviews (don't think I've done a TV show review yet but why not start now!) but I can do a small review here. 

So first things first, there is no episode named "Coming Soon" - that's the filler title they use because they list how many episodes a season has but they drop the new one on a weekly basis. This is a show about the life of Christ told through His interactions with His disciples and those who closely followed Him. The site says "See Jesus through the eyes of those that met Him" and that's a great synopsis. They are planning on seven seasons which means yes, they are adding a lot of details that are not given in the Biblical account. If you want a show that just says what's in the Bible, then maybe just read the Bible? The added details and stories are Biblically, historically, and culturally sound so maybe think of the show as Historical Fiction rather than a straight retelling of the Biblical narrative. I like the show and recommend watching it, but more importantly know what's in the Bible. Maybe watching the show can help you when you read the Bible to 'see' the characters and how they could have interacted with each other. I think it's similar to a Sight &Sound production but different in that television vs theater way (i.e. they have a lot more time to give details).

L: The next episode is called "Matthew 4:24" and after that is "Coming Soon" - hey, all the following episodes are named that, how confusing to reuse titles!
M: *facepalm*

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