Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Parental Stressors


This might be a direct quote from a sibling conversation about an upcoming vacation. I don't remember what the topic was, might have been movie selection or day trips. I mean, if you can't avoid something, why not cause it? I'm reminded of a scene from a time-travel show (spoiler - it's this one) where a character postulates that if an extinction level event (i.e. a fixed point that cannot change) is about to happen, it doesn't matter what you do right before it since everything is still going to be wiped out (outcome remains the same). Also, there are a lot of time travel shows currently. It seems Marvel has realized their best storylines are all complete so they're going back and revisiting them via time travel. At least they aren't like X-Men and just redoing their movies via Origin Stories? There was a non-superhero time travel tv show called Timeless that I liked - very nice wardrobe and decent acting but the storyline was a little confusing since they got cancelled at least twice and then surprise renewed. I don't know if we actually watched the whole thing - we might have dropped off after one of the cancelations. 

N: Mom's gonna flip if we do that.
S: Mom's gonna flip anyways.
L: Can't prevent it - might as well cause it.

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