Thursday, July 15, 2021

No Time Likes the Present


Should the present be happy about this?
He's kinda cute with his enthusiasm. 

Is this another Throw Back Thursday with a sketched comic? Why yes it is! Will there be more? That (like that joke about glass coffins) remains to be seen. 

There is something rather therapeutic about sketching on paper that just doesn't carry over to digital drawing, at least for me. Back in the day when I started doing comics (about a decade ago), I would pencil them in on paper, then ink them, then either scan them in or take a picture of them, then crop and edit, then we were good to go! It's a lot of steps and with these ones I just did the penciling then snapped a picture, edited (added my url), and called it good. Maybe I'll digitalize it eventually, who knows. I do like the longer process, but it takes time that I don't really have currently since I have a small child. 

I thought this one up while waiting in line for my Sunday morning pastries at Roggenart. They now have two locations but we are sticking to the usual one because it's close to the park in which we like to eat our pastries. It's a great way to start your Sunday. I don't remember why the phrase "no time like the present" was used, but I slightly misheard it and that's how this comic happened. 

*three clocks (an old fashioned alarm clock, a pocket watch, and a wrist watch) are frowning at a gift. In the second image, the gift is smiling*
Title: No time likes the present

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