Sunday, September 11, 2022

Donating vs Sampling


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I had to get blood drawn and this comic came to mind. I did not say it out loud but I was thinking it. Also, it's a little unrealistic that a place would do both donations and samples - usually donations are handled through Red Cross centers or volunteer locations like churches whereas lab orders are filled at places like LabCorp where it's all medical samples there.
The place I went to has a feature where you can check in from your car and just chill there until they are ready for you which is nice because many medical places are still requiring masks so spending less time in the mask is good. But when they sent me the text to say they were ready to see me, I received it 27 times. Thankfully I didn't have the sound on my phone so it was afterwards when I checked my phone that I saw wow, that's a lot of messages. 

Title: Phlebotomy
N: Are you here to donate?
L: No, I'm here to sample.
N: ... ?
L: Here's my lab order.

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