Thursday, September 15, 2022

My Romantic Chemicals


Above, the generic comic. Below, the one that came to mind after remembering that Batman, in The Batman, listens to My Chemical Romance

So this comic was inspired when I saw "MRC" graffitied on a dump truck. Those happen to be the initials of at least two of my family members, so there's that too. In the movie mentioned above, there is a scene where MCR is playing loudly and when something happens to shift the focus, Batman turns down his music and you realize it wasn't just movie magic music, he really was blasting music in his cave. I liked that detail. Also I totally think a young sidekick/partner would refer to music from two decades ago as oldies. Wow, 2001 was when MCR started and that was two decades ago. Bleh. 

Explanation: the band is "My Chemical Romance" and usually abbreviated MCR. The young person flips the words to be "My Romantic Chemicals" which seems like a different sort of band. 

R: Holy Oldies, Batman! It's that band you like - My Romantic Chemicals!
B: *facepalm*

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