Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Multitude of North Stars

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Another comic on the meeting theme! So the North Star is aptly named because it can be used as a guide to head whichever direction since finding it shows you which way is north. If you have several North Stars, you are in confusion. Unless maybe they are used like Orion's Belt? Not sure what that belt is used for, but it's easy to find in the sky. I remember learning the constellations in elementary school and thinking what the heck were these ancient people seeing? How is the lopsided 'W' a queen of unrivaled beauty? But learning about the sky is kinda cool - to be able to navigate is helpful too. Going to a Dark Sky location is totally worth it to see the multitudes of stars - I went to one out West and it was amazing! 

A: So in this meeting, we will discuss these three topics - let's think of them as three North Stars.
B: We are so lost.
C: *confused*


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