Sunday, January 15, 2023

Grandma's House

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 I admit, I will eat so much more dairy at my Grandma's house than my usual (very low) amount because her desserts are just too amazing to pass up! Her ├ęclair cake is delicious and her ice cream cakes are the best and cannoli and so many amazing treats... I do pack a whole sheet of Lactaid pills when we go up to visit. It's just smart. I know my weakness. 

Explanation: I am lactose intolerant but this developed during my college years so I know how amazing dairy tastes but now it is a forbidden food. I make allowances for childhood favorites (basically everything my Grandma makes) by taking Lactaid pills, which usual provide what my body needs to process dairy (but not always, for some reason, so it's a tossup if I'll feel ill afterwards). 

L: We're going to Grandma's, you know what that means! *holding a sheet of Lactaid pills* 

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