Sunday, January 29, 2023

Grown Up Goldfish


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I usually get Goldfish for my child since she likes them and Costco carries them, but when I was up at my parents for Christmas they had Cheez-Its and I realized they're kind of the same thing, just more boringly shaped. Such squares. Also, my toddler can sort of say "fish" and calls both Goldfish snacks and also actual fish in her 100 First Words book by the same word, and I'm not sure how she's picturing that - like does she think the cracker snack is an actual fish, or does she think the actual fish are cracker snacks? She really enjoyed going to the local Aquarium recently - was loving all the huge tanks and the fishes moving about in them. We got to see an unofficial dolphin show because they officially cancelled the performances but the dolphins still did their tricks at feeding time and we happened to be there for that. Then we realized it was our feeding time and wow the prices in there were classic Amusement Park pricing so we headed out and about to find a quick lunch. 

L: Cheez-ItsⓇ are just GoldfishⓇ that gave up on their dreams.
L2: *munching happily*

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