Thursday, September 14, 2023

New Acquisition

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So we have relatives who've been bugging us to get a dog and also get a real couch for our basement (we've had two futons for the past like 14 years and they've worked fine in my opinion). But there's these Buy Nothing groups on social media and people just post things that they're getting rid of and someone posted a couch and I said YES and like two months later we got it. And we also got a ton of pet hair, but my man shop-vacuumed it off and we got a deodorizer spray and it now seems great! 

Explanation: both a puppy and a used couch have fur and smell doggy. 

L: We finally got the thing you've been bugging us about - it's furry and smells like a dog...
N&S: *excited noises*
L: A couch! Used but in cleanable condition.
N&S: *less excited noises*

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