Sunday, September 16, 2018

Grand Junction Airport

So we flew out to Utah for my birthday and it was amazing - saw two National Parks (Arches and Canyonlands), one state park (Dead Horse), took several hikes to see dinosaur tracks, and went to some museums (including Moab Giants which has life-sized dinosaurs and wow a full-sized T-Rex is just huge) and it was a totally great time (well, allergies were not cool but everything else was). We flew to Grand Junction and drove to Moab since the Moab airport is super small and hard to line up flights with it so we just drove the two hours. However when leaving we had some time in the airport and wow is it small. I thought Pensacola and Bradley were small. GJ has one spot for arrivals and departures pick-up/drop-off. It has just a bar, cafe, and gift shop (and the workers communicate via walkie-talkie). But we got to see some fighter jets get refueled, so that was cool.

A: Ma'am, why do you keep walking over to security?
B: It's the only Pokestop in the three-shop airport!

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