Thursday, September 20, 2018

Manna Restaurant

We went to the Museum of the Bible down in DC and wow, it's a great museum! So much to see. And the food is good, too! They have a lot of exhibits, including several limited-time ones so look up what's going on before heading out (or just wing it, you do you). We went with my parents and a good time was had by all. There is an amazing array of artifacts, including sling stones from a besieged city and wow, I did not realize they were like the size of baseballs. That's how you kill someone with a sling and a stone. It's not little pebbles flinging around. We spent several hours and didn't get to all of the exhibits (did a quick pass of the last few as it was getting to be dinner time). We got there around 11am I think and left around 4pm (we used the Metro to get in and out of the city so we didn't have to deal with city driving and parking).

The pun is that "manna" means "what is it" :) :) :)

M: Upstairs is their Manna Restaurant.
L: Oh, what is it?

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