Thursday, January 23, 2020

Batman vs Octopus-man

Those who received a comic book from me this year have already seen this one! But for those who follow this blog, this is your first time seeing it! How about I just look up the blurb I used for it in my book....
If that guy follows Batman's naming scheme, he'd be Octopus-man. Maybe he'd have the ability to blend in and fit through tiny spaces and also extreme intelligence.
But Batman doesn't actually have any bat abilities - no echolocation, not actual flight, and he doesn't (to my knowledge) eat bugs. He does eat fruit, and some bats also eat fruit, but also humans eat fruit so that's not a defining characteristic.

R: Who are you?!?
B: Your worst nightmare.
R: But you don't look like an octopus. So who are you?!?
B: My worst nightmare.
R: ...maybe you need therapy?

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