Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Instant Chill Mode

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Noah! Not to be confused with my brother Noah, who's birthday is later this month.
In the Marvel Spider-Man movies (and cross-overs), "Instant Kill" mode is mentioned (I won't say if it's deactivated or activated or intentional or anything).
This one time, at Word of Life (where my family went every year for after Christmas to New Years), they always had a cookie decorating contest and I made a Spider-Man cookie by doing his suit in pastel pink and blue (they only had pastel frostings) and then making the lines all in chocolate sprinkles (used a toothpick to get them all in lines) and it took a while but it looked awesome and there's probably a picture of it in a five-gallon bucket of pictures at my parent's house.

PP: Karen, can you order soda and pizza for me?
K: Activating Instant Chill Mode.

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