Thursday, May 27, 2021

Blissfully Unaware


I limit my social media to keep my sanity :)

I appreciate those who stay up-to-date with world happenings and national happenings and all that stuff. But I am not one of those people. I use to be, then I realized I was getting unhappy when I reviewed what was going on in the top stories back in the summer of 2020 so I cut back on social media and totally cut out news updates (I just get them from my super helpful husband and a few family members, and also from the social media channels I have kept) and now my anxiety and such have lowered. And I've started looking for the good, tuning my channels to be more positive. I started following humphrey_the_newfoundland_ and rastawhiteshepherd and iroh_the_berner (all amazing dogs) and I recommend following them (on insta) if you want some cute dogs and positivity in your feeds.

M: Have you heard the latest on *annoying topic*?
L: Nope, I have been blissfully unaware.
M: Well, let me fill you in...

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