Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Triceratops vs Monoceratops


A discussion of horns

This came from a discussion on trichotomy vs dichotomy which will come in a later comic. But to dissect the word "tri-cerat-ops" you get "three-horn-face" so a unicorn would be a "mono-cerat-ops" or "one-horn-face." Or perhaps a "uniceratops", that could work too. Rhinoceros just means "nose-horn" but since they have one or two horns on their face/nose then they could be in the same category as a unicorn i.e. uniceratops or monoceratops OR they could be diceratops. 

Rhino: Are you a triceratops?
Unicorn: No, I'm a monoceratops! 

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