Sunday, November 28, 2021

Butter Ball

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 I may have mentioned previously that we usually bring a salad to family functions (we make really good salads). This comic came to mind when I saw a turkey butter sculpture in the grocery store and thought about other things to sculpt out of butter (like a massive cow a la Big E). One pound of butter is four sticks, which means a 12lb butterball is 48 sticks of butter. Now that I think of it like that, the butter ball in the picture should probably be bigger. But now I'm curious how big a sphere that would be and not sure how to go about finding out unless someone else has let their curiosity get the best of them... Nope, Google keeps correcting "ball of butter" to "butterball" and pulling up turkey recipes. But now I want to know... seven sticks wide by seven sticks tall would be 49, then figure it as a sphere instead of a wall... this is not why I minored in math but it is helpful. I'm devoting too much brain power to this - making it three-dimensional is hard.

A: Why do you have a huge sphere of butter?
B: My mom asked me to make a 12 pound butter ball for Thanksgiving.
A: oh NO.

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