Thursday, November 11, 2021

Morel Support

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 Happy Veteran's Day! Reach out to vets that you know and thank them for their service. If you can, donate to charities like Wounded Warrior Project or Paws for Purple Hearts

There are many mushroom puns available to those who know different types of mushrooms, but I'm drawing a blank. There's mushroom for improvement in this area, and I refuse to refer to myself as a fungi. I am pretty sure I have another comic about toadstools, ah here and here (I was just remembering the second one). 

Explanation: When someone is down, you could cheer them up i.e. give them moral support. The pun is a confusion between moral and morel (the later is a type of mushroom). And wow, they are expensive so getting a box of them would be a really good gift (if that's what you're into). 

A: Why did you send me a box of mushroom?
B: I heard you needed some morel support.

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