Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Closed Rest Area

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Another one from my Nebraska comics, this one is a play on the phrase "no rest for the wicked." I like to question why there are rest areas near my home since clearly we don't need them, we can just go home. Also I thought about trying to draw a more realistic car, but then I remembered my comic has stick figures so I don't need to make this too hard for myself. Hence the car that I've been drawing like that since I was a small child. I took a Java course in college and we learned how to draw shapes and the project for that chapter was to draw a car and later animate it, which was pretty cool. I made mine a yellow submarine and I had a little school of cartoon fish (ovals with triangles behind them) following my 'car.'

M: The rest area is closed.
L: I guess we all must be wicked!

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