Sunday, May 15, 2022

Three out of Three Adults Agree

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And yet...

You might recognize this one from my Nebraska comics! I will be posting some individual ones that I broke out of the main pages, the ones that can stand more on their own rather than needing the context of the whole trip. I feel like this comic works for really any trip or interaction with a small child. Just stop. Why the whine. And yet....

I realize that Lucy's crown is all black instead of being its usual gold. I was drawing this from my full page reference, which was done in all black ink, and I just forgot to change the color when digitally drawing it. Oh well. Let's call it a stylistic choice. 

Also, Happy Graduation to my little brother! Wow, college. Done. That's weird, he will be forever 5 years old in my mind (that's how old he was when I left for college). 

N: Three out of three adults agree - the baby needs to stop whining.
M: And yet...
L1: *covers ears*

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