Thursday, May 5, 2022

Nebraska Page 3

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 The first panel is a reference to the phrase "no rest for the wicked." And now I know, that phrase is referring to eternal punishment of evildoers. Panel 2 is referencing a psychological manipulation term but also was the actual name of a motel we passed somewhere out in the Midwest. Here it is! Panel 3 is another actual place we saw (B&H Storage) whereas the joke is B&E (which means Breaking and Entering) and that would not be a great storage plan. Panel 4 is referencing that famous song, and Panel 7 is referencing Rushmore. And yes, Panel 8 has more butte humor (and is a reference to the famous line from Finding Nemo!). 

P1 - 
 M: The rest area is closed.
 L: I guess we all must be wicked.
P2 - 
 L: We could stay at the Gas Lite Motel.
 M: You've always wanted to go there.
P3 - 
 X: We use B&H Storage.
 Y: Better than B&E Storage!
P4 - 
 M: Look, antelope!
 L: Are they playing with the deer?
 M: No, but in the song -
 L: I still feel misled.
P5 - 
 N: 3 out of 3 adults agree - the baby needs to stop whining.
 M: And yet...
 L: *covering ears*
P6 -
 M: There are horses in blankets over there.
 N: I prefer pigs in blankets.
P7 - 
 L: That mountain needs a face carved on it.
 N: Why not ours?
P8 -
 S: What's there to do in the Badlands?
 L: ... I'm gonna touch the butte.

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