Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Be Gentle

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So we've entered the slapping face of toddlerhood, and it's quite frankly annoying. She'll be all cute and happy then decide a slap to the face is the next step and also hilarious. While I know there are times when your kid does something hilarious and you can't laugh because you don't want to encourage that behavior (like when she launches Cheerios out of her mouth and across the kitchen), the slapping is not funny and it takes a lot of self-control not to slap back. 
Explanation: Monat, a MLM company that started out with haircare but has branched out to other areas like skincare, has a moisturizer called "Be Gentle", and we keep telling our little toddler to be gentle when she gets all crazy and wants to slap people and throw things around. 

L: Much like the Monat skin moisturizer, you need to Be Gentle™.
L2: *trying to slap me*

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