Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Grilled Candy

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My church had an ice cream fellowship a few weeks ago, and there were boxes of leftover ice cream cones because it was an indoor event and everyone used bowls because cones are for outside with all the dripping and messiness. So we have several boxes of cones and were looking up uses for them since we don't go on ice cream walks anymore with the weather and such. Apparently you can make grilled smores using a waffle cone and stuffing it with marshmallows and chocolate and candies like M&M's. It's super tasty and a great use for waffle ice cream cones when you don't just want to fill them with ice cream. Apparently you can also crumble them and use them for pie crust (think like graham cracker crust but it's ice cream cone). We haven't tried that one yet, but we might. 

W: Can I help you find anything?
L: A bag of M&M's, for grilling.
L2: *enjoying walking through the store because drawing her in a shopping cart was too difficult*

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