Sunday, November 6, 2022

Truly Not A Fan

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My brother-in-law has been inviting everyone over to watch football on Sunday afternoons, and it's a nice way to pass the afternoon (not nearly as boring as watching cars race in a loop, so that's nice). When I first moved to this state, I was sucked into the football fandom to become a casual fan. I mostly understand the sport, but I feel like it's rather violent and I root for the kicker since he doesn't get hit (at least he shouldn't). Also, Maryland has by far the best kicker so that's a plus. 

Gentle reminder that Tuesday (in two days) is election day in the USA, so please research and vote responsibly!

A: Ready for the game?
B: (looking at phone) I don't know who or when they are playing.
A: *scoff* How can you call yourself a true fan?!?
B: I don't. 

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