Sunday, April 9, 2023

Lenora Was Hopeful

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This comic is directly inspired by Rhymes With Orange's one that I can't find a direct link to but it's on this page under "Cartoons." Basically it's a snake reading a book titled "Anyone can knit" with some needles and yarn next to him and the title of the comic is "Leonard was hopeful." I think emu are the best bird (they are so unique and weird) and they don't really have wings so when you combine that with the really long neck, yeah violin would be out of the question. 

Explanation: to play the violin, you really need arms and also a way to hold the violin between your chin and shoulder. The emu has neither of these prerequisites. 

Title: Lenora was hopeful.
Comic: An emu, with a violin case leaning against her, stands by a music stand with the book "anyone can play the violin!" 

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