Thursday, April 13, 2023

Valiant Nap Resistance


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Happy almost Birthday to my mom-in-law!
Yeah, some days it be like that. So in the Narnia series, Lucy is given the title "Lucy the Valiant." Our toddler has recently started a strong resistance to naps, usually taking about an hour to fall asleep (but she just wanders her room fairly quietly until then so it's still quiet time and I can sip a tea and relax on the couch with the baby monitor so that's a win). We've tried shifting her nap around but it doesn't seem to help - this is just where we are currently (at time of writing, which is almost a month ago - I've scheduled ahead because my schedule is about to go crazy). 

L: Why are you valiantly resisting your nap?!?
L2: You did name me Lucy.

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