Tuesday, June 9, 2020

B'more Gotham

So I forget what make me think of this. It's kinda nice working from home because my news feed isn't picking up as much Baltimore news (my office is on the edge of Baltimore so when I'm at work and check the news it tells me the ... different counts). Is their mayor a female? I would have to check. Nope, the current mayor is Bernard Young. The previous mayor was female, but she resigned last year. Too much crime, on all the levels. Not sure vigilantes is the best plan, but hey maybe it'd work?
Baltimore has a nice Comic-Con each year in October. I just checked and it's not cancelled (yet) which is hopeful. We were down in Baltimore for lunch one Saturday a few years ago and saw several Batmen walk past then followed them and found the Comic-Con.

Reporter: Mayor, what is your plan to tackle crime in Baltimore?
Mayor: We are renaming the city "Gotham" and hoping for the best.

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