Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lost Sheep Pie

Alternate take on Luke 15

We are reading through the Bible with our Sunday class and I thought this one up after reading Luke 15. The shepherd invites all his friends to a party after finding his lost sheep, and as I was raised Baptist then if you have a gathering there needs to be food so clearly if he's a shepherd, he'd make pie. But then it all kinda falls apart when you know the meaning of the parable
I also remember the first time I made shepherd's pie. I was kinda horrified to find that the main ingredient is the cute little lamb. But it's so tasty. 
It's funny how you can remember something incorrectly. I thought there was an episode of Young Hercules where they are in charge of an inn for the day and the only thing they know how to make is shepherd's pie so they convince each table that the only good thing on the menu is shepherd's pie but actually it's chicken salad that they know how to make and convince everyone to order. 

S: I'm having a party because I found my lost sheep!
B: Awesome! What's for dinner?
S: Shepherd's Pie. 

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